1 in 4 motorists delay or repair their car themselves to save money

DIY Car Repair

Nearly a quarter of motorists are choosing to put off car maintenance or try to save money by doing it themselves, new RAC research has found.

The cost of living crisis has forced 23 per cent of car owners to try and cut car maintenance costs, but the RAC warns it’s a false economy.

One in 10 motorists said they had put off car maintenance for up to a year. One in 20 went even further, postponing car repairs for more than a year.

Those motorists said they would rely on the Department of Transportation to make sure their cars were roadworthy, rather than having them inspected individually.

Another 10 percent of motorists said they would take the DIY route, either fixing their car themselves or with the help of a friend or family member.

Of those who still opted to have their car serviced by a professional, 9 percent of motorists switched from a primary service to a secondary service, and 8 percent switched from a regular garage to a cheaper alternative.

fake economy

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Not servicing your vehicle is almost always a false economy.”

“The likelihood of having a breakdown emergency and having to pay more for costly repairs increases significantly.”

He said that while motorists might think they were saving money by postponing car repairs, “we strongly advise against it because repair costs can snowball when things start to go wrong”.

The RAC is an organization designed to help, with a service plan that allows motorists to spread the cost of routine repairs and MOTs over two years.

Such programs help lock in prices and allow motorists to avoid the impact of inflation on the cost of car repairs.

The findings come as the Motor Ombudsman warns that rising costs are the biggest challenge facing independent garages and licensed car retailers.

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