Aehra Sedan revealed: Italian super sedan aims for 500 miles of EV range

Aehra Sedan

Italian “ultra-premium” electric car startup Aehra has taken the wraps off its second new car, which is expected to arrive in 2026. The Aehra sedan follows an aggressive SUV released last year.

Milan-based Aehra chose to unveil the sedan, which shares about 70 percent of its components with the SUV, at the local Monza auto show. In addition to sleek, very aerodynamic styling, both cars feature upward-opening “elytra doors” — similar to the falcon-wing rear doors on the Tesla Model X.

The sedan will also feature the same electric drivetrain as the means a 120 kWh battery From Austrian company Miba, the three electric motors and power output range between 750hp and 815hp. Not to mention true supercar performance.

a little lambo

Aehra Sedan

Speaking of supercars, the Sedan’s coupe-like lines are the work of former Lamborghini design chief Filippo Perini, whose work includes the Aventador, Huracan and Urus. “Following Aehra’s principle that form must always follow function, the Sedan is the antithesis of baroque design culture,” says Perini. “It’s free of unnecessary frills, but full of emotion.”

The car’s body is made from recycled composite materials, including forged carbon fiber, and has an elegant, flowing silhouette inspired by aircraft. It uses cameras instead of door mirrors and “active aerodynamic and cooling elements” inside the open front grille.

We haven’t seen the sedan’s interior yet, but expect a similar layout to the SUV, with very few physical controls and a giant full-width screen off the dashboard for a private theater experience (though only when the car is parked).

Challenge the Taycan

Aehra Sedan

925-volt architecture allows sedan to charge at up to 350kW – top speed Public EV Charger Installed in the UK. The target range of 800 kilometers (497 miles) beats the 453 miles offered by the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the longest-range electric car currently on sale.

Rivals for the sedan will include higher-output versions of the Porsche Taycan, the Tesla Model S and more traditional super sedans such as the BMW M5. Aehra hopes to increase sedan production to 25,000 a year, with SUV sales reaching similar levels.

There’s no word yet on pricing, but it’s likely to start around £140,000. Follow this space.

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Aehra Sedan revealed: Italian super saloon targets 500-mile EV range

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