All-new Kia EV9 electric seven-seat SUV unveiled

Kia EV9

The highly anticipated Kia EV9 has been revealed – bosses confirm the model’s top performance electronic car It will arrive in UK showrooms later this year.

The Kia EV9 is a large luxury SUV with three rows of seats: one of the few electric seven-seaters on sale.

The all-new EV9 features an aggressive design that Kia calls “Opposites United,” with a bold structural look and confident geometry.

Kia EV9

Kia design chief Karim Habib said the EV9 aims to “redefine the bar in design, connectivity, usability and environmental sustainability”.

The fast-growing South Korean company’s striking flagship, the new EV9 will sit atop the sleek Kia EV6 boot.

A price has yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely to cost around £60,000 – making it a unique and all-electric alternative to the best-selling Tesla Model Y.

Kia EV9 looks to the future

Kia EV9

With no direct EV rivals at launch, the bold and roomy Kia EV9 is sure to stand out among premium EVs.

Helping it are the simple, clean lines and body surfaces, which Habib says are themed in a polygonal design language.

The “Digital Tiger Face” is like something out of science fiction, with two clusters of small cube LED lights stacked vertically next to LED strips. The light patterns are unusual — and vivid. Because it’s an EV, there’s no need for a grille, further enhancing the futuristic feel.

An electric sister car to the Kia Sorento, the EV9 also features flush door handles, slender taillights and a clean, cohesive overall finish.

Kia EV9

This extends to the cabin, which is open and luxurious, with generous use of plush textiles and colorful ambient lighting: less cars, more planes on wheels.

Kia’s E-GMP architecture should offer plenty of interior space thanks to the long wheelbase and flat floor plan. Kia promises lounge-style comfort in all three rows of seats.

Seven-seat models will be standard, with six-seat options featuring three rows of airline-style chairs.

Ingeniously, the middle row of seats can be rotated 180 degrees, so passengers can turn around to face the third row of seats.

Kia EV9

Following the debut of the EV9, the new SUV will make its global debut in late March. We then learn more about its electrical underpinnings – including all-important range and performance figures.

“The Kia EV9 breaks new ground,” Habib said. It “provides customers with a very high-quality advice and a fresh perspective on electric vehicles in the field of electric vehicles for the home”.

Check back with Motoring Research later this month to learn more about the bold new Kia EV9.

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New Kia EV9 electric seven-seat SUV revealed

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