Apple Car may be cheaper than you think; launch expected in 2026

The Apple Car is one of the most anticipated cars in the world, but it won’t appear until 2026. While the Apple Car (often referred to informally as the iCar) is expected to be as premium as the iPhone, a report now suggests it could pack a sub-$100,000 price tag.

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December 13, 2022 at 12:14 am

Here’s a rendering of what an Apple car might eventually look like. ((Photo: Vanarama))

Apple has been looking to enter the lucrative automotive space for some time and has been working on its first car, called Project Titan. Project Titan details have been a closely guarded secret, with no specifics on body type, battery setup, performance specs or even price. At least until now. Sources told Bloomberg that the Apple Car could cost less than $100,000 once it officially launches in select markets. That means the car could be more affordable than the GM Hummer EV and the Mercedes EQS electric sedan.

Other yet-to-be-officially confirmed details about the Apple car highlight that it will have an advanced driver assistance system with an array of lidar and radar sensors to help it manage road and traffic conditions on its own, pending regulatory approval .

Project Titan may be a closely guarded secret, but it’s also one that’s had its fair share of roller coaster rides. In 2016, Apple ditched plans to actually build cars to focus instead on self-driving technology. But plans to build an actual car model quickly got back on track as Apple searched for an actual manufacturer to build the car. Negotiations with Hyundai and Nissan eventually collapsed. Rumors of partnerships with Toyota, LG, and Magna are just rumors, too.

With many consumer electronics giants like Xiaomi and Sony considering owning their own cars — either independently or through partnerships — it would be a very exciting future if Apple did launch its own car.

First published date: December 13, 2022 at 12:13pm CST

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