AR Rahman and Mahindra join forces to enhance audio experience in EVs


Mahindra & Mahindra is continuing to underline its firm focus on having an expanded electric vehicle (EV) portfolio in the times to come and even as the Indian automaker looks at increasing the number of models offered, it is also seeking to improve the experience of being inside and driving a battery-powered model. And to improve the sound experience of such vehicles – remember, EVs usually have no sound at all – the company announced a collaboration with much-acclaimed composer and singer AR Rahman.

AR Rahman will craft around 75 sounds for application in upcoming Mahindra EVs.

The collaboration between AR Rahman and Mahindra Electric Automobiles Limited, a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra, will see the Padma Bhushan and Academy Award-winning music composer craft around 75 sounds for upcoming Mahindra EVs. This includes both drive sounds as well as those in the experience or ambient modes.

The sounds inside and around an EV are becoming an increasingly crucial aspect because while such vehicles are significantly quieter than conventional vehicles, it is still required for battery-powered models to offer some sound to passengers, either as warning alarms or those that are experiential in nature. Then there is the need to have some degree of ambient sounds as well in order to enhance the safety quotient of such vehicles. This is most applicable for when the otherwise silent vehicle closes in on pedestrians and fellow motorists.

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The collaboration between Mahindra and Rahman, therefore, will see him oversee interior and exterior drive sounds, experience zone modes, infotainment cues, and functional signals such as seat-belt alerts and turn indicators.”While I’ve used instruments from Japan, America, and Europe, witnessing India emerge as a leader with pioneering innovations fills me with immense pride,” Rahman said at an event in Cape Town. “In collaboration with Mahindra, our aim is to deliver a sonic experience that’s both global and uniquely Indian – a sound that resonates with pride and celebrates India’s significant transformation.”

First Published Date: 16 Aug 2023, 11:41 AM IST

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