Ather 450X gets 4 new colors, software update and new seat; see details


Ather Energy has rolled out several upgrades for the 450X electric scooter, including new color options, software updates, new seats, and more. These upgrades were announced as part of AtherStack 5.0 and at the Ather Community Day in Bangalore.Now price from ¥450 Plus and 137,000 ¥450X is 160,000.

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January 7, 2023 at 13:51 pm

Ather 450X gets four new colors - Salt Green, True Red, Cosmic Black and Nardo Gray
Ather 450X gets four new colors – Salt Green, True Red, Cosmic Black and Nardo Gray

For starters, the Ather 450X gets four new colors while the design remains the same. White and Space Gray have remained, but joining the palette is now True Red, Cosmic Black, Salt Green, and Moonshine Grey. A cosmic black hue is inspired by the Series 1 Limited Edition, while a salt green paint scheme replaces the previously available mint green hue. Moonlight Gray is inspired by the famous Nardo circuit, with red alloy wheels for a more sporty look. The total is now six colors in 450 colors.

Commenting on the launch of AtherStack 5.0, Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Ather Energy said, “In 2018, when we launched AtherStack in the Ather 450, it was the first software on any two-wheeler in India. engine, possibly even globally. It drove first-to-market experiences like touchscreen dashboards, on-board navigation, and remote diagnostics that barely existed in luxury cars at the time. With a slick new UI and Google Vector Maps, AtherStack 5.0 takes our touch screens and mapping experiences to a whole new level. It also allows us to leverage our hardware to unlock new Customers roll out these new experiences. AtherStack will continue to form the core of our product strategy, enabling us to continuously enhance our product experiences on existing hardware platforms.”

First published date: Jan 7, 2023 at 13:51pm CST

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