Ather says, “There was a problem with a wiring harness assembly in the latest fire incident response

Ather Energy has responded on social media to a recent fire incident involving an ifs electric scooter. The company said in a post that an investigation found the problem was with a “wire harness assembly,” while the battery, BMS, and dashboard were completely unaffected during the incident.

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February 8, 2023 at 17:54 pm

Ather Energy releases response to fire incident after completing investigation

The e-scooter fire is the first of its kind reported this year, after a series of incidents shed light on safety and battery regulations for electric two-wheelers in India. Arthur said the incident happened in Bengaluru a few weeks ago and customers were safe and there were no further injuries.

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A statement released by Ather Energy explains what caused the fire, “Our team investigated and determined the root cause of an issue with the wiring harness assembly. One of the motor controller’s connectors was tightened incorrectly, which unfortunately caused sparks around the controller terminals “Our safety system immediately activated and cut off further electrical current to limit damage. Unfortunately, however, the wiring harness caught fire at the time.”

The company further clarified that the incident was not related to the battery thermal runaway incident, which was the main cause of most electric scooter fires last year. Ather Energy said its batteries also continued to operate normally following the incident.

First published date: Feb 8, 2023 at 17:54 PM CST

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