Atherstack 5.0: Everything you need to know about the Ather 450 software update

Ather recently held a community day in Bangalore. The electric two-wheeler brand has announced Atherstack 5.0 for its 450 electric scooters. Atherstack is basically the software that Ather electric scooters run on, just like Ola Electric has MoveOS. With the update, Ather has added a lot of new features to the 450 electric scooter. Here’s everything you need to know about Atherstack 5.0.

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January 10, 2023 at 10:27 am

The Ather 450 now comes in four new color schemes. The brand has also launched a new seat based on customer feedback.

automatic reservation

The biggest feature update that Ather added that everyone is talking about is AutoHold. This feature secures the scooter on slopes without the rider having to constantly apply the brakes. AutoHold will not make the electric scooter roll forward or backward on slopes. The experience is fully automatic, immediate and consistent in any riding condition. However, this feature requires hardware that is only available on 3rd generation models.

AutoHold feature will only work on Gen3 450.

AutoHold feature will only work on Gen3 450.

new user interface

The user interface of the software itself has been heavily revised. It now has a new ride interface that shows battery usage and drain in different modes, which Ather calls “Wings of Power.” The home screen has been redesigned to allow users to set up their ride with options like Bluetooth connectivity and navigation before firing up the motor. There are quick controls that allow users to easily adjust settings like brightness or turn off incoming call notifications with a single click. The interface itself now relies more on swipes than taps. Ather says swiping is more intuitive than tapping.


Ather is the only scooter in the world that offers on-board navigation powered by Google Maps. With the Atherstack 5.0 update, the maps will be updated to Vector Maps, which will still be powered by Google, but now they will run the UI like on a smartphone, which is more convenient and user friendly. There’s also real-time traffic and navigation. Additionally, the rider can change the viewing angle and rotate the layout.

upcoming features

Ather will add more features to the electric scooter through software. These upcoming features will be cruise control, crawl control and advanced regeneration. As of now, it’s unclear when Ather will release these features.

First published date: Jan 10, 2023, 10:27am CST

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