Audi partners with Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor to develop future electric vehicles

Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor and German carmaker Audi have partnered to jointly develop electric vehicles. The automakers signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 27, 2023, wherein both sides will “leverage their respective advantages and strengths to speed up Audi’s development of new electric vehicles.” The move is being made to meet the demand of Chinese customers for premium connected electric vehicles.

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| Updated on: 02 Aug 2023, 22:29 PM

Audi Grandsphere Concept | Image used only for representation purpose

The partnership will also see SAIC Motor make use of its own technologies to jointly develop new models with Audi in the future. SAIC is one of the leading players in China’s electric mobility market and the country’s largest carmaker. The automaker launched its development strategy in electrification, intelligent connectivity, sharing, and globalisation in 2014.

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If and when the cooperation between both companies turns out to be successful, SAIC Motor and Audi will actively expand the “depth and breadth of the partnership” to introduce the next generation of electric vehicles from the automakers. Jointly developing the models will help reduce the turnaround times while helping either player to enter new market segments.

Not just Audi but Volkswagen has also partnered with Chinese players to accelerate their respective presence in the country’s fast-growing electric mobility market. While Audi has partnered with SAIC Motor, Volkswagen has signed a strategic agreement with XPENG, a major manufacturer of intelligent vehicles in China to jointly develop two new EVs for the mid-size segment. The new EVs are expected to hit the Chinese market by 2026.

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Both Volkswagen and Audi brands belong to the VW Group and the latest partnerships aim to localise the development and production capabilities within China for the market. The partnerships will not only help the brands fast-track development timelines for the next generation of new EVs but also understand the needs and demands of Chinese customers.

First Published Date: 02 Aug 2023, 22:29 PM IST

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