Audi to launch 20 new models by 2026, electric cars will play key role

Audi is gearing up to unveil its most ambitious product plans ever. The German luxury car brand owned by Volkswagen Group has decided to launch 20 new models by 2026, which will include a range of new electric vehicles and successors to existing combustion engine-powered models. Audi design chief Marc Lichter broke the news to British motoring publication Auto Express.

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January 29, 2023 at 10:24 am

Lichte said the automaker is working on successors to the EV and ICE models. He also said that this will be the largest product launch in Audi’s history, with more than 20 models to be launched in the next two and a half years. “We are developing the successors to our electric cars and ICE models. We are about to see the biggest product launch in Audi history, with more than 20 models in the next two and a half years. That’s why we’re focusing on cars like the Activesphere concept. car, this is our last show car for the next few years so that we can focus on series production,” said Audi’s chief designer.

(Also note: the Audi Activesphere Concept can travel more than 600 kilometers on a single charge)

Global automakers are increasingly focusing on greener and cleaner powertrain technologies such as electrification. Audi is no exception, and its product strategy reiterates this. The automaker has been focusing on a new generation of electric vehicles, such as the A6 E-Tron, which is currently undergoing public testing. Another example of Audi’s increased focus on new electric vehicles is the Activesphere concept.

Audi has already announced that it will only roll out electric cars from 2026 in an effort to phase out combustion-engine-powered cars by 2033. The company is also preparing to produce all zero-emission vehicles at all of its factories by 2029, for which it is investing around 500 million euros in training its global electric car production workforce.

First published date: Jan 29, 2023 at 10:24 am IST

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