Auto Expo 2023: Matter wants to disrupt India’s electric two-wheeler market


Matter made its debut at Auto Expo 2023, showcasing a range of next-generation electric vehicles and concepts. The company unveiled concept electric vehicles such as the EXE and UT at the event. The former belongs to the executive branch, while the latter has been developed specifically for the new utility sector. Among other things, Matter also revealed its HomeDock inverter and Swap.ME, the company’s battery swap ecosystem.

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Written by: Deborina Chakraborty
Updated on:
January 11, 2023 at 17:39 pm

Matter showed off its concept EXE motorcycle at the Expo.
Matter showed off its concept EXE motorcycle at the Expo.

The Matter Concept EXE will be equipped with swap technology and a manual transmission, allowing complete control over the power delivered to the rider. The company calls it a cost-effective motorcycle that will further push the boundaries of the electric two-wheeler segment. The Concept UT electric vehicle was created with the service provider part in mind to provide food and other services to consumers.

The company also launched the HomeDock Inverter, a smart home dock that can be used for mobile and home energy storage applications. Matter said the lithium-ion battery solution would build on the principles of battery swapping technology to alternately power two-wheelers and home inverters. The brand will also develop its own battery swap ecosystem to cater for two- and three-wheelers.

Founder and Group CEO of Matter Mohal Lalbhai said the company is all about sustainability and intends to create more products based on the vision. “In line with this vision, we continue to bring consumer-focused, technology-driven products and innovative solutions to the mobility and energy sectors. Through these innovations, we are creating options across all segments of motorcycles,” added Lalbhai .

The Ahmedabad-based company recently launched India’s first electric geared motorcycle with a 6 kWh battery pack. This EV promises a wide range and capabilities, and the company aims to launch it as soon as possible. It will also feature fast charging.

First published date: Jan 11, 2023 at 17:39 PM CST

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