Auto Expo 2023: Pravaig Veer EV could be Indian Army’s version of Hummer EV


Bengaluru-based EV startup Pravaig Dynamics showcased the Pravaig Veer EV at the Auto Expo 2023, India’s first military utility vehicle to rival the Hummer widely used by the U.S. Army and several other armed forces around the world. comparable to. As the company claims, the Pravaig Veer is based on the Pravaig Defy SUV, a platform that can be equipped with various weapons and other utilities at the buyer’s request. The startup also claims that Pravaig Veer is not only focused on the military, but also national park authorities and their potential buyers.

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January 15, 2023 at 10:30 am

Pravaig Veer EV at Auto Expo 2023.
Pravaig Veer EV at Auto Expo 2023.

Talking about its design, the Pravaig Veer is themed in military camouflage and appears as an open-door vehicle with several accessories. The size of the car is quite large, with a wheelbase of 3,030 millimeters. Up front, it has sleek LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. The carbon fiber hood is huge, with two airlift hooks on either side. A four-ton winch sits just below the chunky bumper.

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With a width of 1,950 mm, the off-roader has a very strong road presence. The SUV is said to have a 34-degree approach angle and can ascend through steep climbs. Moving to the side profile, the wheels are black and they are full alloy wheels with disc brakes. The Pravaig Veer’s wheel design looks very much like an aftermarket one, they’re 18-inch alloys wrapped in 255/65 run-flat tires. There are no traditional doors, but rather open spaces, allowing occupants plenty of room to enter and exit the vehicle.

Moving back, there’s a wide LED strip serving as taillights located in the bumper. Additionally, there is a very spacious payload deck which is claimed to offer a load capacity of 690kg. SUVs have thick anti-roll bars.

Moving around the cabin, the SUV acquires a no-nonsense look. It places a thermal imaging sensor on top of the windshield. Both the driver information display and the center console display are digital. As demonstrated at Auto Expo 2023, the central display can display thermal imaging displays, live feeds from drones, and vehicle information. SUVs are intended for military use and do not have a sealed roof, but open spaces that allow occupants to stand inside and look out. Additionally, there is a turret on top of the vehicle that allows the occupants to stand and control a machine gun mounted on top of the SUV.

Talking about its power source, the Pravaig Veer gets its energy from two electric motors mounted on each axle and sends power to all four wheels. Claimed to produce 620 Nm of combined torque, the Veer can do the 0-100 kmph sprint in 4.9 seconds.

First published date: Jan 15, 2023 at 10:30am CST

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