Bajaj Avenger 220 converted into a mean-looking buoy


The Bajaj Avenger is a popular model among those who want a city motorcycle with cruiser ergonomics. It doesn’t even have a direct competitor in the Indian market. Bajaj Auto sells two versions of the Avenger, the 160 Street and the 220 Cruise. As the names suggest, the 160 Street is designed for city duty, while the 220 Cruise can handle highway duty due to its larger engine.

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May 6, 2023 at 15:56 pm

Neev Motorcycles has named this modified Bajaj Avenger 220 the “Atom”.

Here is a Bajaj Avenger 220 converted into a buoy. The conversion work was done by Neev Motorcycles. The shop named this build “Atom” and they had to build several custom parts for this build.

As can be seen, Neev Motorcycles has made several cosmetic changes. At first glance, it is almost impossible to tell that this motorcycle is the Bajaj Avenger 220 below. It now gets a black and gray bespoke paint job. Several parts have been galvanized, chromed and polished, and the shop also had to be powder coated and anodized.

The modified motorcycle uses 140/90-R15 tires for the front wheels and 140/90-R15 tires for the rear wheels.

The modified motorcycle uses 140/90-R15 tires for the front wheels and 140/90-R15 tires for the rear wheels.

There’s new LED lighting, and the shop replaced the stock lights with all-new headlights, taillights, and turn indicators. The stock speedometer has been replaced by a digital unit. The tire huggers and handlebars are also new. To complete the floater look, a set of handlebar end mirrors were mounted to the handlebars, which are also new.

Neev Motorcycles custom made fenders, fuel tank, tool box, fork caps, carburetor caps, CNC manufactured triple tree and handlebar risers. In addition, there are lathe-machined shafts and spacers. The swingarm has also been lengthened to increase the wheelbase. The engine is unchanged, but it does now have a different exhaust system, which has a custom cover.

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There’s also a new one-piece seat with the signature floater look. Additionally, a custom rear seat was fabricated that can be removed to retain the float design.

First published date: May 6, 2023 at 15:56 PM CST

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