Black electric taxis now outnumber diesels in London

There are now more London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) TX taxis on the streets of London than diesel TX4s.

this charged The TX, an extended-range hybrid, currently accounts for 40 percent of the capital’s officially licensed black cabs.

More than 6,000 Coventry-built TX examples were at work in London. LEVC says this is helping the city transition to a greener fleet of hackney horse-drawn carriages.

Greener black cabs

LEVC Electric London Taxi

First introduced in 2018, the LEVC TX offers zero-emissions capability using a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The rear electric motor is powered entirely by batteries, which can be recharged by plugging in or by the onboard 1.5-litre petrol engine.

There is no connection between the internal combustion engine and the drive wheels, and gasoline power is used only to extend battery range.

In electric-only mode, the TX is capable of a range of 78 miles. With the range extender engine, that can be extended to 333 miles.

The TX has interior space for six passengers and is the only black cab that can accommodate a forward-facing wheelchair. Luxury car expert Clive Sutton has even created a VIP version, designed specifically for low-key chauffeur luxury.

Lower London’s emissions

LEVC Electric London Taxi

LEVC calculates that TX models have logged more than 534 million miles worldwide since their introduction. This is said to have prevented 162,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, commented: “We are witnessing a major inflection point in the push for cleaner transport, with the TX overtaking the diesel-powered TX4 as London’s taxi of choice.

“Since the launch of LEVC’s revolutionary TX taxi, it has successfully delivered unrivaled sustainable mobility solutions, ideal for urban environments. With every new TX on the road, we are preventing thousands of tons of harmful emissions, helping to create Healthier, happier cities.”

Helen Chapman, Director of Licensing and Regulation at Transport for London, added: “London’s taxi drivers are rightfully proud to be at the vanguard of cleaning up the city’s toxic air. An essential part of bold action to address the public health crisis caused by deadly pollution and address the climate emergency.”

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Electrified black cabs now outnumber diesels in London

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