British Army converts old Land Rover Defenders from diesel to electric

With the growing consumer preference for electric vehicles, retrofitting conventional fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is a trend that has witnessed increasing adoption over the past few years. However, a similar treatment appears to apply to older military vehicles, as does the British Army. The UK Ministry of Defense has signed a one-year contract with Babcock International to electronically retrofit old Land Rover Defender SUVs used as military vehicles.

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April 16, 2023 at 14:21 pm

The electrified Land Rover Defender SUV is said to offer more power than the original diesel engine. (Image: Carscoops)

The British Army is dubbing the entire project Lurcher, under which the gas-guzzling Defender will be fitted with a zero-emissions powertrain to test the benefits and challenges of electric vehicles in the segment. Babcock has partnered with Electrogenic to reverse power the British Army’s Land Rover Defenders. A total of four SUVs were selected to be converted into electric vehicles.

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Of the four Defenders still in service, two are protection vehicles and two are general service vehicles. All are powered by old diesel engines that will quickly become obsolete as the global auto industry booms into an era of zero emissions. Keeping this fact in mind, the British Army is trying to find new ways to extend the life cycle of its aging fleet. Additionally, it has been exploring defense applications and limitations of electric propulsion.

The electric conversion will include a drop-in kit and a modified battery system that will replace the original diesel engine in the SUV. Additionally, the electric powertrain is said to be more powerful than the diesel-powered mill.They claim to provide sufficient range of necessary applications for military vehicles

First published date: April 16, 2023 at 14:21 PM CST

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