Dacia Gives Free Thermos to Keep Drivers Warm


Dacia heated seats saver

Dacia came up with a novel solution to an automaker offering heated seats on a monthly subscription subscription.

Next week, the no-nonsense car brand will be giving away free thermos bottles aimed at helping motorists warm up on colder days.

The sale also highlights that Dacia’s top-of-the-line models come standard with heated seats at no extra cost.

a heated debate

Dacia heated seats saver

Dacia is trying to capitalize on the debate surrounding in-car subscription services, which is dominating the headlines in 2022.

BMW’s £15-a-month heated seat subscription makes most notorious news at the national level. Available through its Connected Drive online store, a monthly payment entitles the driver to use the heated seats already installed in the car.

Other manufacturers use subscriptions to let drivers activate additional safety technology, or use online infotainment services.

“Hassle-Free Ownership Experience”

Dacia heated seats saver

Three dealerships across the country will offer Dacia’s Heated Seats Savior.driver only need to visit Dacia Manchester, Dacia Swansea or Dacia Staples Corner (London), 1 or 2 February 2023.

Drivers can use these hot water bottles once collected, but unfortunately, they don’t have their own heated seats.

Luke Broad, Dacia UK brand director, said: “Our ‘heated seat saviors’ are a bit funny, but they do highlight where the wider industry is going in terms of subscription-based access to features. Requiring someone to pay extra to activate The factory-fitted equipment is certainly not a Dacia.

“We believe in simplicity, providing our customers with technology that makes driving more convenient and comfortable, and includes features included in the initial price of the car. Whether consumers think heated seats are essential, our commitment to value and a hassle-free ownership experience Meaning we’re just asking them to press a button to enjoy them.”

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Dacia gives away FREE hot water bottles to keep drivers warm

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