Diesel car numbers slump as EVs surge

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UK company fleets are greener than ever and growing electrificationNew figures from HM Revenue & Customs show the number of diesel fleets has fallen sharply.

Diesel vehicles account for just over a third of company cars in the 2021-22 tax year. That’s a staggering drop from 80% of company cars in 2017.

However, the number of electric vehicles has increased by 85%, from around 50,000 in 2020-21 to 125,000 in 2021-22.

Electric vehicles make up 17 percent of the company’s fleet, and the number is still growing rapidly. Highly favorable tax-in-kind rates are helping to drive this shift.

However, as fleet drivers move away from diesel vehicles, the number of petrol companies is also growing rapidly.

The number increased from 315,000 to 345,000 in one year.

The number of ultra-low-emission plug-in hybrid vehicles also jumped from 137,000 to 243,000.

Company car CO2

Kia EV6

Overall, the CO2 emissions of the company cars averaged just 86 g/km. Even excluding EVs, emissions averaged 103g/km – despite a drop in sales of diesel cars.

In 2021-22, only 2% of corporate vehicles will emit more than 165g/km of CO2.

By comparison, as early as 2022-03, a whopping 58% of corporate vehicles would emit more than 165g/km of CO2.

Overall, the number of company car drivers in 2021-22 is 720,000.

The figure, based on the number of people receiving in-kind tax benefits, was stable on the previous year and was down steadily from 960,000 in 2015-16.

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Diesel company cars numbers plunge as EVs surge

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