Dimension Data | ASO and Dimension Data announce new commentator app for Tour de France

Purpose-built app gives Tour de France TV commentators direct access to live race data for in-depth coverage of the race

July 1, 2016 – The Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) today announced a new digital application that will give media commentators at the 2016 Tour de France direct access to live race data for enhanced, in-depth race coverage and analysis.

Built exclusively for the Tour de France by Dimension Data and delivered through Dimension Data’s big data cycling analytics and cloud platform, the new web-based application will be available to more than 100 live and remote broadcasters, as well as Annual global TV ratings for any sporting event in the media world.

“As mandated by the ASO to provide a complete digital solution for the 2016 Tour, we engaged directly with professional commentators at major cycling and other sporting events to determine the best way to present the data they needed so they could be on the field Tell the most compelling stories to your audience,” explains Adam Foster, Head of Sports Practice, Dimension Data Group.

“This year’s race analysis is characterized by a significant increase in the types of data we collect, which now includes information about race conditions, such as course slope,” Foster said. “Combined with other data such as speed and distance, and supplemented by race information such as driver positions, data insights and a real-time news feed, the data is pushed to the commentator’s app in a visual format, providing the commentator with unprecedented, authentic – in-depth Time insight for game analysis and reporting.”

ASO Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme said Dimension Data has successfully realized its vision of a fully integrated digital solution that delivers real-time race data to a wide range of users, spectators and consumers in new and compelling ways.

“The 2016 Tour de France set a new benchmark for our ability to take full advantage of the influx of live race data,” said Prudhomme. “Dimension Data not only expanded the range of data we can now provide to media partners, but also improved The way we present this data. The Reviewer app is an example of how we can maximize the value of digital data by making it immediately usable and immediately relevant to our target audience.”

ASO’s Tour de France Commentator app is part of a series of new enhancements to Dimension Data’s real-time data tracking solution for the Tour de France. These include an integrated online portal called Race Center, which combines live race data, video, photos, social media feeds and race commentary; Favorite riders; New TV graphics give broadcasters more options to display real-time data for rider, fleet, route information; Enhanced telemetry sensors that provide more accurate data over greater distances with fewer interruptions; and an upgraded Dimension Data Big Data truck, serving as the physical hub to provide a complete end-to-end digital solution at the 2016 Tour de France.


About Amaury Sport Organization
Amaury Sport Organization is a company that owns, designs and organizes top international sporting events. It focuses on “non-stadium” events, with expertise related to the organization, media and sales of sporting events. The ASO organizes 270 days of competition each year, with 70 competitions in more than 20 countries. http://www.aso.fr/fr/homepage.html.

Participated in five major sports including Tour de France, Dakar Motorsport, French Open Golf, Regatta à la Voile and the major Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. Amaury Sport Organization is a subsidiary of Amaury Group, the media and sports group that owns the newspaper L’Equipe.

About dimension data
Dimension Data harnesses the power of technology to help organizations achieve greatness in the digital age. As a member of the NTT Group, we accelerate the realization of our clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, future-proof workspaces and cybersecurity. With $7.5 billion in revenue, 31,000 employees and offices in 58 countries, we serve customers at every stage of their technology journey, wherever they are located. We are proud to be the Official Technology Partner of Amaury Sport Organisation, organizer of the Tour de France, and title partner of cycling team Qhubeka Team Dimension Data.go Dimension Data Network

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