Dimension Data | Dimension Data and ASO Unveil Next Generation Digital Technology and Apps for Tour de France

Dimension Data Delivers Immersive End-User Experience with Significant Enhancements to Big Data Circular Analytics Platform

June 29, 2016 – size data and Amaury Sports Organization (ASO) Announcing today a major enhancement to the big data cycling analytics platform that will provide real-time information for spectators, commentators and teams at the 2016 Tour de France.

Headlining the innovation is Race Center, a web-based application hosted on Dimension Data’s cloud platform and developed in partnership with ASO that combines live race data, video, photos, social media feeds and race commentary, combined with a new live-tracking website to provide viewers with an immersive digital experience that goes beyond television coverage of the race.

In the future, the Race Center will become the ASO’s digital hub for the Tour de France. The Live Tracking website is a testament to the development of Dimension Data’s real-time big data collection, analysis and digital platform over the past 12 months.

Viewers will be able to obtain richer and more accurate information from the 198 drivers on 22 teams, including speed, distance between drivers, composition of the race teams, wind speed and direction, and prevailing weather conditions.

Many of the new technologies that were trialled at last year’s competition are now production-ready, with significant improvements across the board. This year, the range of the telemetry sensors that transmit real-time data under each rider seat has increased tenfold. This means far fewer drops or “gaps” in the data, allowing for more seamless communication and continuity throughout the match.

Dimension Data’s big data truck was also upgraded and expanded to accommodate the various TV graphics, race coordination, data acquisition and analytics teams responsible for providing a complete end-to-end data solution at the 2016 Tour de France. This is one of the biggest changes from last year, when each team worked independently and continued the theme of collaboration and data integration, made possible by the technological advancements on display.

Adam Foster, Executive Sports Practice Group, Dimension Data, said: “This year’s improvements to the solution mean we can tell richer and more exciting stories as they happen, giving spectators, media, cycling fans and race commentators a deeper understanding of the events of the race. Certain aspects. Sports that weren’t available until now. This year, we’re using a wider color palette, which means more meaningful access to race data, race lines, drivers and current weather conditions. What’s exciting this year is the ability to Bringing all this information to ASO through a unified digital platform makes the quality of the data even more valuable for audience engagement and speaks directly to a younger generation of viewers who rely on new technologies like social media and live video to engage with their world. ”

ASO Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme said the unprecedented growth of different social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and live video during last year’s race required modern audiences to embrace and enhance these technologies.

“The Tour de France is the flagship race of the modern world, and it’s only natural that we give viewers access to as much premium content, entertainment and analysis as possible through the media they consume every day,” said Prudhomme. “Together with Dimension Data, we’ve been researching new ways to reach billions of viewers and we’re excited to showcase the results of our efforts through Race Center.”

“I believe the appeal of having access to multiple live videos, social media and live race information from one responsive and intuitive interface will greatly enhance the quality of Tour de France coverage and become an essential companion to the largest live telecast in the world event.”

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About Amaury Sport Organization
Amaury Sport Organization is a company that owns, designs and organizes top international sporting events. It focuses on “non-stadium” events, with expertise related to the organization, media and sales of sporting events. The ASO organizes 270 days of competition each year, with 70 competitions in more than 20 countries. http://www.aso.fr/fr/homepage.html.

Participated in five major sports including Tour de France, Dakar Motorsport, French Open Golf, Regatta à la Voile and the major Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. Amaury Sport Organization is a subsidiary of Amaury Group, the media and sports group that owns the newspaper L’Equipe.

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