Drivers pay 20p more for diesel despite falling wholesale costs

New analysis by RAC Fuel Watch has found huge differences in diesel fuel prices across the UK.

according to The latest figures from the RACUK drivers are currently paying an average of 20p more per liter for diesel than petrol.

Despite the difference in wholesale costs, diesel is only 6p more expensive per liter.

Diesel subsidizes cheaper petrol

Diesel is too expensive

The RAC said fuel retailers made more than twice as much profit on diesel as they did on petrol. It argues that cheaper petrol prices will eventually be subsidized by higher diesel costs.

RAC calculations show drivers would pay no more than 155p a litre, if diesel were sold at a fairer price. For an average family car with a 55-litre tank, you’ll save £7 per fill-up.

In contrast, diesel drivers are currently paying an average of 168p a litre. Unleaded petrol pumps typically cost around 148p a liter.

The RAC is urging fuel retailers to follow the lead of Costco, which cut diesel prices by 4p a liter last week.

Time to make diesel cheaper

Diesel is too expensive

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “While our data shows that petrol is currently often sold at a reasonable price in the forecourt, the drivers of the country’s 12 million diesel vehicles – and almost all white van drivers – are entitled to feel Hard to do because they pay a huge premium for fuel which in no way reflects their lower wholesale costs.

“The gap between wholesale petrol and diesel prices has been below 10p a liter for almost a month and has dropped to 3.5p in recent days, but average diesel prices at service stations remain high and have only fallen since then. 2p. Early February.The fact that membership retailer Costco was able to slash the average price of a liter of diesel by 4p this week shows that it can be done, but we urgently need other fuel retailers to do justice to diesel drivers.

“While diesel prices have not been cut as quickly as they should have been, the gap between the average price of petrol and diesel has fallen below 20p (19.99p) for the first time since 10 October 2022. If retailers are doing the right thing now This should reduce significantly, saving diesel-dependent drivers a lot of money every time they fill up.”

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Drivers paying 20p MORE for diesel despite falling wholesale costs

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