Electric vehicle range may suffer greatly in very hot conditions, study shows


The range of a fully charged electric vehicle (EV) depends on several factors. From driving modes to air conditioning to vehicle load, an EV battery can only take so much, no matter what technology it uses. While it has long been known that outside or ambient temperature also plays a role in this range, a new study finds that very hot temperatures drastically lower the numbers.

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| Updated on: July 25, 2023 at 11:59 am

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Extreme cold or even extreme heat can adversely affect the range of an electric vehicle. A new study by Seattle-based Recurrent highlights that temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius could reduce the range of some electric vehicles by as much as 31%. While the study doesn’t name the EVs it examined, it does highlight that high temperatures will cause a much greater drop in range than previously thought.

Online electric vehicle retail channel Recurrent emphasized that while its research was based on “limited data,” the findings could still provide important insights for owners of battery-powered mobility options.

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The impact of high temperatures on EV batteries and range is of great concern to buyers in many parts of the world, especially now that several countries in Europe and many parts of the United States are experiencing similar heat waves. Also in India, the temperature usually stays above 30 degrees in most places for a long time.

While battery technology is evolving and may take into account the impact of high temperatures on range in the future, many recommend steps such as parking in the shade and avoiding driving in poor conditions to get the best out of electric vehicles.

First published date: Jul 25, 2023 at 11:59 AM EST


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