Energy storage system could facilitate EV charging in highway services

electronic car Charging infrastructure for UK motorway services is set to undergo a major upgrade.

National Highways has invested £8m in energy storage systems for motorway service stations currently underserved.

This means that seven motorway service points in the future will be able to provide reliable high-power electric vehicle charging.

Future Banking Capabilities

National Highway EV Charging

Seven motorway services identified are currently unavailable electrical infrastructure Supports fast (150kW+) EV chargers.

The use of energy storage is a temporary measure until the grid in these areas can be upgraded.

Energy storage system use large battery, packed in air-conditioned containers. They store energy from the grid during quiet times and then supply it to fast EV chargers when needed.

Their typical storage capacity is 2MWh: enough to power over 2 million miles electric car Per year.

With just one charge from the grid, the energy storage system can power the average home for eight months.

‘Convenient and reliable’ EV charging

National Highway EV Charging

The seven highway services identified for the deployment of energy storage systems are:

  • Beaconsfield on the M40
  • M6 Northbound Colley
  • Clacket Lane on the M25, eastbound and westbound
  • Maidstone on the M20
  • M5 Northbound Taunton
  • Tebay on the M6 ​​northbound

National Highways’ goal is for each site to host at least six Electric vehicle fast charging device By the end of 2023.

Transport Decarbonization Secretary Jesse Norman said: “Expanding the UK’s fast charging network is essential if more people are to switch to electric vehicles and should make charging cheaper and more convenient.

“Today, on England’s motorways and major A-roads, drivers are never more than 25 miles from a fast charging point. But this news marks another innovative step in ensuring fast charging is convenient and reliable.”

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National Highways in £8m boost to EV charging at motorway services

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