EV drivers want better coffee when they use public chargers

A new survey shows electronic car driver wants Public charging pile Provide better hospitality and retail facilities on site.

research conducted Deloitte The survey solicited the views of 1,500 UK consumers as part of its global automotive consumer research.

More than one in five (21%) respondents said they were looking for Dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Station Provides amenities while away from home.

keep caffeinated

Electric Vehicle Public Charging Facilities

Access to coffee and other beverages is the top priority for EV drivers while charging. This is important to nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents. Relatedly, 56% felt toilet use was important.

The Wi-Fi connection is another noteworthy factormore than half (55%) consider this a factor.

43% of respondents listed snack and light meal options when choosing an EV charging location, of which rest area Works for 42%.

New dedicated EV charging centers, such as Gridserve’s Electric Forecourts, already incorporate many of the amenities mentioned in the survey.

Jamie Hamilton, Deloitte Electric Vehicle Leader, said: “Traditional amenities such as coffee and restrooms remain consumers’ top choices. However, as drivers wait for their vehicles to charge and there is growing demand for other retail services, consumer businesses should consider entering these markets. “

Recharging is leisure time

Electric Vehicle Public Charging Facilities

The Deloitte survey also provided insight into how long will the driver wait Charge their electric cars.

More than a third (36%) of respondents said they would wait 21 to 40 minutes to charge their car from empty to 80%, while a quarter (25%) would wait 41 minutes Charge by the hour.

Andreas Scriven, Deloitte Leisure and Hospitality Leader, added: “The widespread adoption of electric vehicles has created a new market for hospitality services, with batteries taking twice as long to charge as leisure time.

“Businesses that seek out new charging point locations and create the places and services consumers demand will take advantage of the opportunities presented by the EV charging window.”

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EV drivers want better coffee when using public chargers

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