FREE NOW | The Alternative to the Company Car: FREE NOW Introduces Mobility Budget

  • Expanding Opportunities for Corporate Liquidity Management: FREE NOW Responds to Growing Demand for Flexible, Alternative and Sustainable Liquidity Services with Liquidity Budgets
  • More than just a work ticket or company car: Employees can spend their travel budget on available alternatives: taxis, PHVs as well as electric scooters, pedelecs and car sharing
  • Exclusive FREE NOW survey with Civey: 1 in 2 employees (51%) want to make their mobility more flexible in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic; recognition is particularly high in German metropolises
  • FREE NOW travel budget will be available first in Germany and then across Europe

Hamburg, July 7, 2021 – Europe’s leading mobility platform, FREE NOW, will offer an alternative to company cars: preferring electric scooters or car sharing to work is a watchword for many employees – especially after the Covid-19 crisis. One in two employees (51%) want to increase their mobility in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an exclusive FREE NOW survey conducted together with Civey; this recognition is particularly high in German metropolitan areas.

That’s why FREE NOW for Business will now expand its own product portfolio to include corporate mobility budgets and will offer business customers a new alternative to using company cars for fleet management. Using the FREE NOW app, employees can use a monthly budget and flexibly book all mobility alternatives available in their city, such as taxis, PHVs, electric scooters, pedelecs or car sharing.

An Alternative to the Company Car: FREE NOW Introduces Mobility Budget

The FREE NOW travel budget will initially be widely piloted in Germany and will be rolled out across the border and in other European countries later.

Liquidity budgets: the advantage of competing for young talent
Alexander Mönch, Managing Director of FREE NOW Germany: “Urban dwellers and commuters are looking for reliable, convenient mobility services that they can connect in a smart and flexible way. At FREE NOW, we Multi-mobility partner in many cities in Germany. We also support companies in making their mobility budgets more sustainable overall, thereby extending the company’s own sustainability guidelines to fleet management as well.

According to a recent Mercer survey, mobility (71%) was the most important when asked which types of benefits employees considered equally or very important, followed by health benefits (77%) and training and Development (84%). This is one way companies can differentiate themselves from the competition if they rely on flexible models that combine day-to-day and career mobility while incorporating sustainability considerations as they compete for young talent. “Especially in cities, this opens up new opportunities to reduce personal motorized transport and address the most pressing challenges, such as lack of space, traffic and emissions, thus contributing to the success of the transport transition,” continues Mönch.

Despite or possibly due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Kristen Herde, managing director of recruitment agency yeaHR, adds: “Mobility is coming back, but differently. There will be a boom in autumn, demand for skilled workers will increase and businesses will Having to diversify. They need to go digital, they need to have a solid sustainability strategy, they need to embrace the “new way of working” and support their employees to do so. FREE NOW’s mobility budget is a response to all the megatrends in the world of work right now. When it comes to employer branding, we can only recommend that every company implement it now.”

about free now:
FREE NOW is a multi-service mobility joint venture between BMW and Daimler. In addition to ride-hailing, FREE NOW also offers micro-mobility services such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric mopeds, and car sharing. It consists of the FREE NOW (ten European markets) and βeat (five Latin American markets and one European market) verticals. These verticals are currently shared by 50 million users and 30,000 enterprise customers in 16 markets and over 150 cities. This makes FREE NOW the largest multi-service mobility provider in Europe and the fastest growing ride-hailing platform in Latin America. FREE NOW partners with several third-party suppliers to provide its customers with a wider range of options from point A to point B. FREE NOW has approximately 1,900 employees at 35 different locations around the world. The CEO of FREE NOW is Mark Berger.

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