From Ultraviolette to MBP: Two-Wheeler Makers at Auto Expo 2023


The 16th edition of the Auto Expo is set to kick off on January 11, 2023, with automakers unveiling a slew of new products. While Auto Expo 2023 saw limited participation from traditional two-wheeler manufacturers, the space is now being taken over by EV startups.

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From Matter, Ultraviolette's e-scooters to LML & Greaves Electric's scooters, Auto Expo 2023 will focus on e-mobility in the two-wheeler segment
From Matter, Ultraviolette’s e-scooters to LML & Greaves Electric’s scooters, Auto Expo 2023 will focus on e-mobility in the two-wheeler segment

In fact, Auto Expo 2023 will be dominated by electric vehicle manufacturers from across the country, with only a handful of internal combustion engine (ICE) two-wheelers participating. From Ultraviolette to Matter and Tork Motors, every brand has something special to show and Adishwar Auto Ride India (AARI) is launching a brand new motorcycle brand. Let’s take a look at all the two-wheeler manufacturers attending Auto Expo 2023 and what they plan to show.

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The Ahmedabad-based two-wheeler startup, which launched its first electric motorcycle last November, will unveil its name and specifications at the Auto Expo next week. The Matter electric motorcycle will be India’s first electric motorcycle with a liquid-cooled motor and battery capable of traveling 150 kilometers on a single charge. It will feature products from Hop Electric, Tork Motors, Oben Electric and others.

Tork motor

The Pune-based startup is poised to expand its lineup with a new concept electric motorcycle at Auto Expo 2023. The manufacturer hasn’t announced details about the upcoming product, but it’s likely to be based on the same platform as Kratos. Additionally, Tork will be launching an updated version of the Kratos R at the show.

UV car

The Bengaluru-based startup has launched the F77, India’s fastest electric motorcycle. The bike maker now plans to showcase its future at the expo with a new concept electric motorcycle. The company is tight-lipped about the concept’s content, but it could also be based on the same platform as the F77, albeit modified for other segment applications. The F77 will also be on display at the expo.

LML Star

LML, once a well-known two-wheeler maker, revived last year as an electric car maker, and the company even showed off two electric scooters due to launch in 2023. The manufacturer now plans to reveal the LML Star electric scooter at the 2023 Auto Expo and it could be in the guise of production specs. Expect details on pricing, availability, dealer network, and more to be announced at the biennial event. Additionally, LML could give us a glimpse into its plans for more EVs in the future.

benelli and kiwi

Both the Benelli and Keeway are owned by China’s QJ Auto Group and distributed by Aadishwar Auto Ride India (AARI), which will make its debut at the auto show. AARI, part of the Mahavir Group, will be showcasing its Benelli and Keeway ranges at the event, including premium motorcycles and scooters. This is also happening at a time when Indian companies are aggressively pushing new products.

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Bologna Passion Motorcycles (MBP)

That said, Benelli and Keeway are just the beginning of Aadishwar Auto Ride India’s many projects. The company will also debut Italian motorcycle brand MBP (Moto Bologna Passione) at Auto Expo 2023. This will be the sixth brand of AARI in India. Based in Bologna, Italy, MBP’s product range includes motorcycles from 125 cc bikes to large scooters, adventure bikes and street bikes. The MBP M502N is expected to be one of the first products in the country. More details will be announced at the show.

Zontes and Moto Morini

Also joining the AARI club are Zontes and Moto Morini. Both brands entered the Indian premium motorcycle market last year, offering a wide range of motorcycles from 250 cc to 650 cc. This includes adventure bikes, street fighters, scramblers, and more. The full range will be on display at Auto Expo 2023, with the motorcycles sold through the Moto-Vault multi-brand dealership managed by AARI.

Greaves EV

Greaves Electric Mobility, Greaves Cotton’s electric vehicle division, will unveil its new brand identity. The company plans to unveil six new electric vehicles at the expo, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers and electric powertrains. Greaves currently operates mainly on submarines ¥There is a 100,000 segment in the electric scooter segment and we can expect new models to arrive at the same price.

godavari motor

At Auto Expo 2023, a brand new startup, Godavari Electric Motors, will be unveiled. The Raipur-based company has been in operation since 2019 and will start its retail EV journey at the expo. Godawari has confirmed that the startup plans to launch two new electric vehicles, while also showing off its existing range of electric vehicles.

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