Government provides £56m funding support for EV chargers

The government has announced a substantial increase in funding to support the rollout of public services electric car charging infrastructure.

A total of £56m will be provided, with the aim of delivering 2,400 new electric vehicle charging points in the near future.

In the long run, the money will also help local authorities plan to add thousands of charging facilities.

The announcement follows analysis earlier this year which showed the UK was behind its target of installing 300,000 public EV charging points by 2030.

Additional EV funding across the UK

The new funding will expand the existing Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) pilot scheme from three local authority areas to 16 local authority areas.

This includes £1.9 million for Cumbria, £2.5 million for Waltham Forest and £8.5 million for the West Midlands.

Overall, £22m of funding from central government will be supported by £17m of funding from private initiatives. A further £2 million will come from public funding from various local authorities.

A new £8m LEVI Capability Fund will help local authorities equip the right people and systems to Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning.

Helping Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles

Government electric vehicle funding charge

As part of the package, the government has also committed £7m to the On-Street Residential Charging Point Scheme (ORCS).

This provides funding for local authorities to install chargers in areas without off-street parking. Approximately 3,000 devices have already been installed through ORCS, with 10,000 more in the works.

Jesse Norman, the transport secretary responsible for technology and decarbonisation, said: “Today the government is providing extra help to local authorities across England to drive forward their charging station rollout plans.

“[This] The commitment will lead to the installation of thousands of new chargers, with tens of thousands more planned in due course, so that more people than ever before can transition to electric vehicles. “

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Government provides £56 million funding boost for EV chargers

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