Harley-Davidson used as a milkman superbike.because why not

A video of a man delivering milk on a Harley-Davidson Street 750 has gone viral on social media. Netizens were confused as to why such a super expensive bike was being used for this purpose, but most were very curious.

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January 7, 2023 at 10:09 am

Photo credit: Instagram/amit_bhadana_3000

The video, shared on Instagram by a user named Amit Bhadana, shows people riding a Harley Street 750 with milk cans hanging from either side. The license plate only read “Gujjar”, so it was not clear where the man might have been riding.

Harley Street 750 is priced between ¥465,000 to ¥Pre-tax revenue for the Indian market is Rs 5.5 lakh. While it’s far from the most expensive Harley model around, it’s quite possibly the only one here for that purpose. For those interested, the model is powered by a 749cc liquid-cooled BS6 engine that delivers 60 Nm of torque. It comes in a single variant but is available in five different colours.

As for the video itself, it was uploaded on December 18 and has since been viewed nearly 3 million times and liked more than 196,000 times.

First published date: Jan 7, 2023, 10:09am CST


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