Harley-Davidson X440 Confirmed For July 4th Launch; Built By Heroes


Harley-Davidson India recently launched the new X440 motorcycle, which will be launched in the country on July 4, 2023. The US motorcycle maker announced a partnership with Hero MotoCorp in 2021, the first product co-developed by the two-wheeler giant for the Indian market. The Harley-Davidson X440 will also be exported to various markets around the world.

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May 26, 2023 at 14:02 pm

The Harley-Davidson X440 is the first motorcycle jointly developed by Harley and Hero MotoCorp

The Harley-Davidson X440 Roadster is a completely new design and development in India. The styling is in line with larger Harleys, especially the XR1200, with round headlights, a single-pod instrument panel, flat handlebars and side-mounted exhaust. The X440 is very different from the X350, which will be aimed exclusively at the Chinese market.

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Harley-Davidson X440 to be built locally to compete with Royal Enfield Classic 350, Honda CB H'ness 350 and more

Harley-Davidson X440 to be built locally to compete with Royal Enfield Classic 350, Honda CB H’ness 350 and more

Details about the engine and power figures are still under wraps, but we do expect it to be a newly developed 440cc single-cylinder engine. The previous images promised that the engine could redline at 8,000 rpm, suggesting that a long-stroke engine is on the way. We expect the engine to gain stronger midrange and low-range torque delivery, making it easier to drive in the city and maintain triple-digit speeds on the highway.

Other hardware components expected include upside-down (USD) forks, dual shock absorbers and disc brakes with dual-channel ABS at both ends. The X440 Roadster will also feature multifunction switchgear, promising features like Bluetooth connectivity and possible riding modes.

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With the X440 Roadster, Harley-Davidson is breaking into the Royal Enfield stronghold, where models like the Classic 350 and Meteor 350 reign supreme.Pricing is key to the most affordable Harley discounts expected to arrive around 2018 ¥250,000 (ex-showroom) mark, which will help maintain a premium brand image while still being acceptable to the general public.

Harley-Davidson X440 goes on sale later this year

Harley-Davidson X440 goes on sale later this year

Backed by Hero’s frugal production skills, the X440 could be a game-changer, especially if the company also has its eye on strong export volumes. Harley-Davidson will retail the X440 Roadster through its own sales network, managed by Hero MotoCorp. More outlets are expected to open across the country in the coming years.

First published date: May 26, 2023 at 14:02 PM CST


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