Harley-Davidson X440 India launch today: Live updates and latest updates


Harley X440: Specifications

Power for the X440 comes from a newly developed 440 cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine with a redline of up to 8,000 rpm. Exact power outputs are unknown, but could be as high as 30 bhp and around 35 Nm of torque.

Retro and Modern: Fusion, Not Conflict

The design of the X440 is modern with some vintage elements.

What We Know About the Harley-Davidson X440

Images of the Harley-Davidson X440 released so far show it featuring round headlights, a single-pod instrument panel, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, round indicator lights and side-suspended exhaust tips. There are also machined alloy wheels, console LCD panels and LED lighting.

The “Return” of Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson was packed and shipped out of India in September 2020 after facing mounting losses. But even then, officials confirmed that its motorcycles would be sold and serviced through Hero MotoCorp.

The introduction of the X440 is therefore significant, as it is the first model jointly developed by Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp.

First published date: July 3, 2023, 16:10 PM (India Standard Time)


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