Heat Belt: New heated seat belt could increase electric car range


ZF Heater

Heated seat belts are the latest innovation designed to improve driving range electric vehicles.

ZF’s Heat Belt, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, is said to increase EV range by 15% in cold weather. The idea is to use it in conjunction with the heated seats instead of turning on the car’s (energy-consuming and relatively inefficient) heating and ventilation system.

for electronic car With a range of 300 miles, doing so could mean an extra 45 miles of range between charging stations.

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ZF Heater

Heated belts use heating conductors woven into the belt itself. The webbing is only slightly thicker than a standard seat belt, so it operates exactly the same—without making any changes to the car’s interior.

Heated to between 36 and 40 degrees Celsius, the waistband heats up almost instantly, providing even warmth to the body.

According to ZF, the heating strips “are in no way inferior to their conventional counterparts in terms of occupant protection.” In fact, by reducing the need for bulky clothing such as winter coats, the seat belts can lie flatter and fit closer to the occupant’s chest, making them more effective in the event of an impact.

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ZF Heater

ZF is a global automotive technology company known for its automatic transmissions and electronic safety systems. The Heat Belt will be offered to automakers, especially electric car makers, as a factory-installed replacement for standard seat belts.

It’s unclear if the Heat Belts will be available as an aftermarket accessory for older cars.

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Heat Belt: new heated seat belt can increase electric car range

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