Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has launched a new accessory kit for the CB350RS and H’ness CB350. The new kit is part of the “My CB, My Way” initiative. The brand wants customers to be able to customize and decorate their motorcycles to their liking. The brand has released a total of six accessory kits, with four for the H’ness CB350 and two for the CB350RS.

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Customers can also retrofit accessory kits to their current motorcycles. Customers can purchase the entire kit or choose individual accessories. These kits and accessories will be available at Honda BigWing dealers with a limited time warranty.

H’ness CB350 Comfort Custom Kit

Comfort Custom is designed to improve motorcycle comfort. It comes with wide footpegs, a new main seat, knuckle protectors, grip ends, rear seat backs and long sun visors.its price is ¥16,500.

H’ness CB350 Touring Custom Kit

Then there’s the Tourer Custom for those who want to do long-distance tours on the H’ness CB350. It gets a new main seat, a side panel trim, wide foot pegs, a rear carrier, knuckle guards and a long sun’s cost ¥17,600.

Individual Carrier Custom Kit for H’ness CB350

If someone wants to travel alone, then he can choose Solo Carrier Custom. It has a new main seat, wheel stripes, handle ends and a small dash visor. The rear seat has been removed and replaced with a bracket. The price of the Solo Carrier kit is ¥16,200.

Cafe Racer Custom Kit for H’ness CB350

The Cafe Racer Custom comes with wheel stripes, side cover trim, new main seat, headlight cover, handlebar ends and single seat cover.This is probably the best looking kit and it’s expensive ¥22,200.

Cafe Racer RS ​​Custom Kit for CB350RS

Honda also made a custom kit that modifies the look of the CB350 into a cafe racer. The Cafe Racer RS ​​kit comes with a headlamp and single seat fairing, handlebar ends and wheel stripes. The CB350RS has really been given a makeover with this kit, and it looks like a modern cafe racer.The price of this kit is ¥17,500.

CB350RS SUV Custom Kit

Finally, there is the SUV customization kit for the CB350RS. It has wheel stripes, instrument visors and knuckle guards.This solid-looking kit costs ¥7,500.

First published date: March 6, 2023 at 12:21pm CST

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