Honda plans to launch a large electric bicycle equivalent to 750 cc.details here


As the automotive world moves toward full electrification, automakers, including car and two-wheeler makers, are increasingly focusing on electric vehicles. As a major player, Honda has its sights set on bringing in the market a large electric motorcycle equivalent to 500cc and 750cc internal combustion engine powered motorcycles. Young Machine reports that the automaker is now focusing on developing a larger e-bike.

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May 8, 2023 at 10:26 am

Honda is considering plans to launch a 500 cc or 750 cc equivalent e-bike. (representative image)

Shinji Aoyama, Honda’s global head of electrification, reportedly discussed the possibility of bringing a larger e-bike to market. In fact, Honda is also working on a high-performance electric motorcycle for track racing. Referring to Honda’s larger electric motorcycle plans, Aoyama reportedly said that the company is already in the development stage of a 500cc to 750cc equivalent electric bike, which will debut sometime in 2025.

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That might not be in line with today’s ultra-high-powered internal combustion engine-powered sport bikes, but it’s certainly a significant leap forward from the e-scooters and 125 cc equivalent e-bikes currently available on the market. Also, considering that many riders choose this type of bike for their daily transportation, this is a market segment that Honda hopes to tap. That makes perfect sense, and it’s what Honda wants to achieve. Another intriguing possibility for these large e-bikes is that they might be powered by more efficient solid-state battery packs currently in development.

Interestingly, while Honda is focused on bigger e-bikes, other major global players like KTM are not a good fit. In March 2023, KTM and Pierer Mobility CEO Stefan Pierer dismissed the idea of ​​larger, more powerful electric motorcycles as nonsense. He reportedly said commuter bikes and smaller range two-wheelers were one thing, but didn’t see the viability of larger e-bikes.

First published date: May 8, 2023 at 10:26 AM CST

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