Honda Shine vs Hero Glamour: Which Commuter Bike Is Right For You?

Earlier, commuter motorcycles were usually limited to the 100 cc segment. However, over time, people began to consider 125 cc motorcycles because they offered slightly more power without sacrificing too much fuel efficiency. This motorcycle also has better cruising capabilities on the highway. Two of the most popular commuter motorcycles in the Indian market are Hero Glamor and Honda Shine. Here is a comparison between the two motorcycles.

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November 19, 2022 at 14:03 pm

The Hero Glamor and Honda Shine are available in a variety of models at close prices.

Honda Shine vs Hero Charisma: Appearance

Hero has updated Glamor quite a bit since it first launched. So it still looks modern with LED headlights, a two-tone paint scheme and an angular rear end. Shine, on the other hand, hasn’t been significantly updated. Shine still has the same design, which might seem a little too simple.

Honda Shine vs Charisma Hero: Specifications

Both motorcycles use a 124 cc single cylinder engine that is air cooled and fuel injected. Glamor produces 10.87 PS and 10.6 Nm. When compared, the Shine makes 10.7 PS and 11 Nm. Both motorcycles use a 5-speed gearbox, but the Shine is equipped with a silent start system.

Honda Shine vs Charisma Hero: Features

In terms of functionality, the Shine only has an engine kill switch. , i3s start-stop technology, Auto Sail technology and real-time fuel efficiency indicator. For even more functionality, one must step up to the Xtec variant, which comes with LED headlights, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, gear indicator and slope sensor.

Honda Shine vs Hero Charm: Prices

honda shine begins with ¥78,414 and rises to ¥83,914 and the price of the hero charm is between ¥78,018 and ¥84,138. All prices are ex-showroom prices. Both bikes are very close in price, but the Glamor is the more equipped and more modern-looking one.

First published date: Nov 19, 2022 at 14:03pm CST

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