Honda to add H-Smart feature to Activa 125, Grazia 125 and Dio scooters by June

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) recently launched the new Activa in the Indian market. It now comes with a smart key and OBD2. This means that in terms of emission standards, the scooter is now BS6 Stage 2 compliant. Honda also said that they will be bringing the smart key and OBD2 to their other scooters as well. If all goes well, the rest of the lineup will be updated in June.

In addition to the Grazia 125 and Activa 125, Honda will also update the Dio.

This means the Activa 125, Grazia 125 and Dio can get new Smart variants with Smart Key and H-Smart functionality. Additionally, they will also get BS6 Stage 2 compliant engines. Honda said it will continue to develop advanced engines. Even if a manufacturer fails to meet the deadline, they can temporarily pull the product from shelves and relaunch it when it is ready to meet the new specification.

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H-Smart or Honda Smart technology consists of four functions. There are smart finder, smart unlock, smart start and smart safe. Here is what all the functions do:-

Smart Find: This is an answering system in which the smart key helps to locate the vehicle easily. When the answer button on the smart key is pressed, all 4 lights will flash twice to locate the scooter.

The highlight of the Activa is the new high-end Smart variant with H-Smart technology.

The highlight of the Activa is the new high-end Smart variant with H-Smart technology.

Smart Unlocking: A smart key system is a newer technology feature that allows the vehicle to be locked and unlocked without the use of a physical key. If the system detects no activity within 20 seconds of activation, the scooter will automatically deactivate.

Smart Start: If the smart key is within 2 meters of the vehicle, the rider only needs to turn the knob on the Lock Mod to the ignition position and press the start button to start the vehicle smoothly without even taking out the key.

Smart Safe: Activa is equipped with Mapped Smart ECU, which acts as a security device through electronic matching (ID) between the ECU and the smart key, thereby preventing the vehicle from being stolen. The smart key has an anti-theft system that prevents an unregistered key from starting the engine. The anti-theft system will not be activated without a secure connection to the smart key.

First published date: Jan 24, 2023 at 15:46 PM CST

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