Honda’s range of two-wheelers will be ready for OBD-II and RDE compliance from April 1

The two-wheeler range of Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) will be ready for OBD-II and RDE compliance norms from April 1, 2023 deadline. The two-wheeler giant launched the Honda Activa 6G H-Smart in January this year with new features and compliance with the latest regulations. However, the rest of the mass-market models have yet to receive the update.

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March 18, 2023 at 14:29 pm

Only select Honda models have been updated to the latest emission standards so far, while the rest will be ready from April 1

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Honda Shine 100 launch, HMSI Sales and Marketing Operations Officer Yogesh Mathur said the company aims to clear out existing inventory by March 31, 2023 and switch to OBD-II and RDE compliant models from From April 1st. Mathur also confirmed that dealerships have only about two weeks of inventory until the end of the month, ensuring the regulatory change has minimal impact on its dealership partners.

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The Honda Shine 100 was recently launched as the brand's most affordable motorcycle

The Honda Shine 100 was recently launched as the brand’s most affordable motorcycle

So far, Honda has updated the Activa 6G and CB350 series to meet the latest emission standards. Both models have added value in the market, including Activa’s anti-theft features, while the CB350 range has received a number of customization packages designed to make the model more attractive to customers. The newly launched Honda Shine 100 also complies with the latest regulations.

That leaves the 110-125 range of motorcycles and scooters, as well as models like the X-Blade, Unicorn, Hornet 2.0, and more. The two-wheeler is expected to receive an upgrade in April, along with a slight price increase, considering the manufacturer isn’t planning to cut any of its models.

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Honda Two-Wheeler India will also announce its electrification plans on March 29, 2023. The company is expected to announce its strategy for electric two-wheelers in India and may showcase its new electric scooters/motorcycles then. The company also confirmed plans to launch the Activa 6G with a digital console and Bluetooth connectivity later this year.

First published date: March 18, 2023 at 14:29 PM CST

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