India’s first solar battery swap station opens in Jaipur


Finance-web-tech platform Chargeup on Wednesday announced the launch of the country’s first electric vehicle solar battery swap station. The station is located at Beniwal Kanta, Chungi Circle, Ramgarh Mod, Jaipur. Metaphorically speaking, this pilot project aims to transform the Pink City into a Green City. The goal is to enable battery charging without relying on traditional energy sources.

The ChargeUp battery swap station in Jaipur is equipped with advanced solar technology.

The power station is equipped with advanced solar technology, which can use the energy provided by the sun and synchronize with the charging grid to guide the energy generated by the solar energy to the charging cabinet. The station can charge 140 kWh of batteries, meeting 20 percent of the station’s total energy needs.

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The solar power generation system will also solve the grid stability problem in some areas, meet the uninterrupted power demand during power outages, and provide a stable and reliable power supply. The initiative also aims to improve the sustainability of electric vehicles and accelerate the development of electric vehicles. In addition, the solar power plant will reduce the additional CO2 emissions produced by conventional battery charging methods.

ChargeUp plans to expand the initiative to 30 charging stations in Jaipur, covering 80% of the city’s codes. Later, the company plans to replicate this model in other cities, especially second-tier cities. By investing in decentralized solar microgrids, the company aims to provide 30% to 40% of its plants with solar power.

Many players in the space are betting big on the battery-swapping model to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. It’s being touted as a more sustainable alternative to electric vehicle charging stations. The former allows battery replacement in seconds and reduces the chance of battery fires. The solar battery replacement model appears to be more effective in reducing CO2 emissions.

First published date: Jul 19, 2023 at 11:44 AM CST

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