iTAC Software AG | iTAC and Brose develop Industry 4.0 solution for automated SMT production


Montabaur says: What savings potential and process optimization can automation bring to SMT production? MES/MOM specialist iTAC Software AG solved this and other problems in a pilot project at automotive supplier Brose. These use cases are based on the IIoT platform with iTAC edge solutions with the goal of increasing cycle times, avoiding errors and creating more value.

Electric vehicles, autonomous driving and shared vehicles – these and other developments are currently transforming the market. As demand continues to grow, so does the degree of digitization of factories.

In order to continue to play a leading role in the rapidly changing automotive industry, Brose is focusing on transparency and a high degree of digitalization of its production. One goal is to make data-based decisions. “Data analysis is fundamental to preventing errors, taking targeted actions and making predictions about the future. To enable Brose to fully exploit the potential of the available data, we are currently collaborating on a pilot project. We are contributing our expertise in the development and development of expertise to deploy the infrastructure and machine connections. Brose has the production data expertise to develop the corresponding algorithms,” says Peter Bollinger.

MES/MOM specialist iTAC supports Brose with its IIoT platforms, including the iTAC.SMT.Edge machine integration platform powered by Cogiscan for standardizing and centralizing plant-level data. The subsequent real-time data analysis and further processing is handled by the iTAC.IIoT.Edge software.

“The IIoT platform and edge solutions offer a wide range of viable solutions. The purpose of all the applications we will launch on this scalable basis is to enable Brose to adapt to the changing market in an agile manner and to perform at the highest quality. production,” says Peter Bollinger.

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