iVOOMi Energy offers discounts on its range of electric scooters

Electric vehicle maker iVOOMi Energy announced Tuesday that it is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of its electric scooter, the JeetX. As part of the festivities, it is offering discounts and deals on all its products – S1, JeetX and S1 Lite. At discounted prices, these products will be available in all iVOOMi showrooms starting from 70,000 pcs and going up to 91,999 pcs.

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March 14, 2023 at 13:40 pm

iVOOMi Energy

Other perks include discounted prices on accessories and insurance. Ashwin Bhandari, co-founder and CEO of iVOOMi said: “With the discount, we are adding two levels of security to the riding experience: insurance and vehicle protection.” The discounts and deals on iVOOMi electric scooters will be valid until 4 29th. “We hope to further excite our customers by offering unrivaled offers and value for their upcoming purchases,” added Bhandari.

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The iVOOMi JeetX electric scooter, which has been available in the Indian market for a year, is now even safer with AIS 156 certification, as per Amendment III Phase 1. This electric scooter is 100% made in India and has a sleek and minimal design which adds to the overall aesthetics of the product.

The iVOOMi JeetX and S1 feature long battery life, large seats, 12-inch wheels, and more. iVOOMi claims that its scooters have covered more than 10 million green kilometers, contributing to environmental sustainability.

In a similar development, electric car maker Okaya EV has also announced a carnival for its potential customers.Those who purchase any Okaya electric scooter will stand a chance to win various prizes, including up to ¥5,000. Customers have a chance to win a three-night four-day trip to Thailand for one person. The Carnival offer is valid for all electric scooters of the brand until March 31st.

First published date: March 14, 2023 at 13:36 PM CST


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