Jawa 42 Bobber teased once again, reveals new details. Check it out


Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles is preparing to launch the updated 42 Bobber in the Indian market. Anupam Thareja, founder of Classic Legends has released a new teaser that shows a glimpse of the upcoming motorcycle. In the short video, it seems like there will be no major updates to the 42 Bobber. However, the previous teaser revealed that the motorcycle will now come with alloy wheels which means there will be tubeless tyres on offer as well.

By: Paarth Khatri
| Updated on: 06 Sep 2023, 15:46 PM

The 42 Bobber will now boast alloy wheels.

When compared, the current iteration of the 42 Bobber comes with tube-type tyres and spoked rims. Now, there are pros and cons of alloy wheels as well as spoked rims. Alloy wheels provide peace of mind as they are wrapped in tubeless tyres and it makes fixing a puncture a hassle-free operation. However, the con is that an alloy wheel might break if it hits a big pothole. The advantage of spoked rims is that it is much more flexible than an alloy wheel which means that it can take big impacts. They are also easily repairable, unlike alloy wheels which a person would need to replace entires in case they crack. Yes, the spoked rims look better on a bobber and retro-styled motorcycles. However, fixing a puncture in a tube-type tyre is a big chore.

First Published Date: 06 Sep 2023, 15:46 PM IST


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