Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Lineup Update: 5 Things To Know


Back in 2018, Classic Legends brought back Jawa, and then in 2022, Yezdi returned. These motorcycles will appeal to those familiar with the brand name. In fact, manufacturers try to make motorcycles look like old motorcycles. All motorcycles are now updated to comply with BS 6 Stage 2 norms. So they are now OBD2 ready and also RDE compliant. However, these aren’t the only changes the motorcycle gets. The manufacturer has gone a step further and made several other improvements. This is the change that motorcycles get.

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May 6, 2023 at 13:42 pm

There are no cosmetic changes to any of the motorcycles.

java motorcycle

The Jawa range including 42 Sport Stripe, 42 Bobber and Perak has been updated. The changes were made to provide better NVH. The engine has also been redesigned with larger throttle bodies and exhaust ports to improve drivability and performance while keeping emissions in check.

Javanese 42

The Jawa 42 is now equipped with an Assist & Slip clutch for a lighter clutch feel and smoother operation. It also gets a redesigned muffler for a better exhaust note. In terms of features, the bike now comes standard with an updated digital speedometer and hazard lights.

Yezidi motorcycle

Yezdi currently owns three motorcycles. There are Roadsters, Adventures, and Scramblers. They also get the same updates as the Jawa, so NVH levels are improved. In addition to this, the rear sprocket has also been increased in size. This should help improve the motorcycle’s low-end performance. Additionally, Yezdi redesigned the muffler for a better exhaust note.

price increase

Along with the upgrades, Jawa and Yezdi increased the prices of the motorcycles. Jawa 42 starts at ¥196K, 42 Bobber started in ¥212,000 and Perak fee ¥213,000. All prices are ex-showroom prices.

Then there are the Yezdi motorcycles.The scrambler starts with ¥210,000, starting price of Roadster ¥206,000, the adventure begins at ¥215,000. All prices are ex-showroom prices.

First published date: May 6, 2023 at 13:42pm CST


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