Karnataka elections: BJP, Congress manifestos to focus on EVs


With the Karnataka assembly elections scheduled for May 10, major parties like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress have released manifestos summarizing all their major commitments and action plans for the state. This time around, electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations were featured prominently in the manifestos of both parties. The election results will be announced on May 13.

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Written by: Deepika Agrawal
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May 4, 2023 at 13:18 pm

File photo for representational purposes.
File photo for representational purposes.

Both the BJP and Congress have a mile-long list of promises to woo voters. Among these assurances are several promises to turn Karnataka into a major headquarters for all EVs.

The BJP under its “Mission Connect Karnataka” has vowed to turn the state into a major EV hub by backing around 1,000 EV start-ups, installing charging stations on major highways and public places and creating EV cities in the suburbs of Bengaluru . The party has also pledged to convert the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Bus (BMTC) to battery-powered buses. The party has further promised to build a Formula E track in Karnataka and exempt EV owners from paying registration fees and road tax.

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Congress has also committed to installing EV charging infrastructure and battery manufacturing units in the state with special subsidies and a 50% SGST exemption. The party has vowed to encourage electric mobility in the state by mandating charging stations in apartments, highways and other major intersections. It also plans to increase the share of battery-powered buses in the state’s public transit fleet, aiming to have 50 percent of them electric within two years. Congress further committed to providing a 50% subsidy for the purchase of electric scooters for frontline healthcare workers.

As the country accelerates towards net-zero carbon emissions, both the central and state governments are committed to promoting the adoption of green transport such as electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. States have developed electric vehicle policies that focus on encouraging people to adopt electric vehicles by offering them subsidies and other benefits.

First published date: May 4, 2023 at 13:16 PM CST


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