Kia is the car brand of choice for green government fleets

Government fleet manager names Kia as first choice for procurement low emission vehicles.

data obtained this Second-rate newspaper Includes details of the cars that make up the government’s central fleet. Interestingly, about 82% of low emission vehicles are Kia vehicles.

In total, the government’s central fleet of 680 plug-in vehicles includes 449 examples of the plug-in hybrid Kia Niro, and 110 Sportage PHEVs.

less than five percent of british

Government Electric Vehicle Fleet Procurement

this Second-rate Pointing out that UK-produced cars make up less than 5% of plug-in cars leased or bought for government fleets.

Just 25 Nissan Leafs (built in Sunderland) and seven Land Rover Discovery Sports (built in Halewood) were made of 680 cars.

Although 36 examples of the Jaguar I-Pace have been procured for use by the team, these are built by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. The I-Pace is also the most expensive new car ever bought by the government.

Government procurement rules require departments to consider vehicles with “zero or ultra-low emissions” as default choices.

Plugins first

Government Electric Vehicle Fleet Procurement

this Government Procurement Standards It also stipulates that purchasing managers must select cars with a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. However, there is no requirement to give preference to UK-built vehicles.

Reducing carbon emissions is at the heart of the government’s fleet goals.this Greening Government Commitments Includes a target of 25% of the government fleet to be Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) by 31 December 2022. This proportion will increase to 100% by 2027.

Figures for September 2022 show that 25.5% of central government vehicles are low-emission vehicles, meeting the target three months ahead of schedule.

Technology and Decarbonization Minister Jessie Norman said: “It is vital that progress in decarbonizing the fleet is matched elsewhere. We will continue to forge ahead and complete the transformation by 2027, helping the UK become a world leader in decarbonisation.”

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Kia is car brand of choice for green government fleet

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