Kinetic Luna will soon return in electric avatar, production begins

Remember the moped Kinetic Luna that revolutionized mobility in India 50 years ago? The two-wheeler is ready for a comeback, but it’s quietly powered by an all-electric powertrain. Kinetic Engineering Ltd. (KEL) announced that it has started production of the chassis and other components of the Kinetic Luna electric. The zero-emission two-wheeler will be launched soon, the company said. The electric vehicles will be sold by Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, the company said in a regulatory filing.

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December 27, 2022 at 09:46 am

Luna has long been one of the Kinetic Group’s best-selling products.

KEL claims to have developed all major subassemblies for the electric Luna, including the main frame, main bracket, side brackets and swingarm. The electric mopeds will be produced on a dedicated production line in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The company also claims that the line will have an initial manufacturing capacity of 5,000 units per month.

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At its peak, the internal combustion engine-powered Luna was selling more than 2,000 a day, the car company claims. Ajinkya Firodia, managing director of KEL, believes the electric Luna will perform very well, just like its ICE-powered version. “We expect this business to increase ¥As the number of E-Luna increases, it will increase by 300 million per year in the next two or three years. It will also help KEL boost its presence in the EV sector,” he said.

KEL further said in its regulatory filing that with the growing electric vehicle market in India and preference for heavy-duty vehicles, E-Luna aims to check all the boxes with its product. Upon launch, the E-Luna will target the low-end commuter segment and load carrier category as an all-electric last-mile mobility medium. However, KEL has not revealed any details about the pricing, battery pack and specifications of the upcoming E-Luna. Additionally, the car company has not revealed anything about the timeline for the possible launch of the EV.

First published date: Dec 27, 2022 at 09:46 AM CST

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