Komaki LY Pro electric scooter powered by dual batteries costs Rs 137,500

EV startup Komaki launched LY Pro electric scooter in the country on Monday ¥1,37,500 (ex-showroom). The highlight of this scooter is that it is powered by 62V32AH dual batteries, and both are detachable. The battery needs to be recharged with dual chargers and can be charged to 100% simultaneously in 4 hours and 55 minutes.

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March 13, 2023 at 17:28 pm

Komaki LY Pro Electric Scooter

The battery-powered scooter comes with a TFT display that houses on-board navigation, sound system, Bluetooth, call options, and a few other ready-to-use features. The scooter comes with three gear modes with regeneration – Eco, Sport and Turbo.

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The top speed of the Komaki LY Pro electric scooter is between 58 and 62 kilometers per hour. The scooter is equipped with advanced anti-skid technology to prevent the vehicle from slipping on hills. The scooter features 12-inch tubeless tires for added safety.

The Komaki LY Pro electric scooter is equipped with a TFT display and is rich in functions.

The Komaki LY Pro electric scooter is equipped with a TFT display and is rich in functions.

Mechanically, the scooter is designed with LED front indicators; it features a 3000W hub motor/38 AMP controller along with park assist/cruise control and reverse assist.

With the launch of its latest dual-battery electric scooter, Komaki aims to lead the way in green and clean mobility. “Komaki’s new generation of electric vehicles is the perfect choice for easy and economical travel for commuters who appreciate a smoother, premium commute combined with rugged and stylish performance. The addition of the Komaki LY Pro to our range of electric vehicles will give the country a further boost In pursuit of achieving sustainability goals by replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles,” said Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Electrical Division at Komaki.

Komaki also has the country’s first all-electric cruiser motorcycle, called the Ranger, an e-bike launched last January. It comes with a 4kW battery pack and a 5,000W motor. It claims to be able to travel around 250 kilometers on a single charge.

First published date: March 13, 2023 at 17:28 PM CST


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