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As offices across the country increasingly return to an on-site work model and require employees to come to the office five days a week, transportation has become one of the top concerns for professionals. Due to heavy traffic during peak hours, it can be difficult for people to get to the office on time, especially if they drive a four-wheeler to work or take a taxi.

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May 18, 2023 at 13:28 pm

There are several electric bikes available in the Indian market,

People end up wasting a lot of time on the road, which is not only tedious and tedious, but can lead to fatigue, anxiety, and other health problems. Torrential rains and flooding have further exacerbated the situation and exacerbated the growing traffic problems. To solve this problem, e-bikes have emerged as a practical solution over the past few years.

Here are some e-bikes in India that can easily traverse traffic jams for a convenient, cost-effective and sustainable daily commute to work-

Virtus Motors Alpha M

The Alpha M is a feature-packed e-bike powered by a removable 288 Whr lithium-ion battery and a 250W hub motor. The removable battery makes charging the electric bike very easy, and commuters can conveniently carry the battery pack for charging. The Alpha M has a custom diamond frame, front suspension, wide tires and sport handlebars. There are also five levels of pedal assist and an LCD display. Alpha M sells for ¥31,999.

Hero Lectro C6E 700C 7S Electric Bike

This e-bike from Hero Lectro has a 250W BLDC motor. The bike is made of high-quality aluminum and weighs about 20 kg. Offers 4 riding modes and an IP67 certified integrated battery, the bike is black.its price is ¥30,604.

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91 Mystery 700C Orange Electric Bike

The Ninety-Eleven uses a 250W BLDC rear hub motor powered by a 6.3Ah Panasonic battery backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. There are different riding modes and a display that shows the battery percentage and riding mode. It also has an IP66 degree of protection. The frame is made of high-strength carbon steel, with dual-disc electronic brakes and electronic key lock for anti-skid braking. An interesting feature is the Wynd Fitness Tracking App, which can be used to monitor progress.The price of an electric bike is ¥25,999.

Geekay Hashtag Electric Mountain Bike

The Hashtag Electric uses a high-strength steel mountain bike frame and a steel suspension fork with 100mm of travel. The bike is delivered pre-assembled with a 36 V 7.5 Ah removable lithium-ion battery for easy charging. The electric motor is a 250 watt BLDC hub unit.its price is ¥29,499.

Urban Terrain UT6000 Series Mountain Bikes

The Urban Terrain e-bike has 21 gears and also offers disc brakes. It offers an attractive color scheme, horn and LED headlights. Prices for Urban Terrain Electric Bikes are ¥13,999.

Motorcycle EMX

The EMX features a neon color scheme, dual suspension and disc brakes. The hub motor is 250W and the battery capacity is 10.4 Ah. Claimed range is 50km. EMotorad EMX sells for ¥54,999.

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