Looking for an E20 compliant bike?Yamaha says wait until the end of the year

Just days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the E20 fuel at India Energy Week in Bengaluru, automakers have begun unveiling their product plans to launch models compatible with it. E20 fuel is a blend of 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline, aimed at cutting India’s costly oil imports and reducing carbon emissions. Yamaha Motor is one of the first two-wheeler manufacturers to announce a timeline for updating its line of E20 fuel-compatible motorcycles.

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February 14, 2023 at 12:14 am

Yamaha Motor Corporation has promised that by the end of this year, it will upgrade its entire line of motorcycles to comply with the E20 fuel standard.

Launching its latest products, the R15 and R15M, the Japanese motorcycle and scooter maker said that by the end of the year, all of its existing models will be upgraded to E20 fuel compatibility. News agency PTI quoted Yamaha Motor India Group Chairman Eishin Chihana as saying: “While our current strategy is full of actions to engage and excite our customers, we will never forget our responsibility to provide carbon neutral mobility. future. As a first step in this direction, today we launched the E20 fuel-compliant FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe and FZ-X models, and by the end of the year we plan to have all of our motorcycle models compatible with E20 fuel compatible.”

Yamaha currently offers motorcycles such as the FZ series, R15 series and MT-15. It also offers scooters like the Fascino 125, Rayzr 125, Rays Street Rally and Eros 155. The two-wheeler maker has launched the new R15 M, MT 15, FZ-X and FZ-S FI. The Japanese two-wheeler giant claims that the updated Yamaha 150 cc motorcycle is OBD 2 compliant and comes with several upgraded features.The Yamaha MT 15 V2 sells for ¥168,400 (ex-showroom), while the FZ-S FI is priced at ¥127,400 (ex-showroom). FZ FI V3 sells for ¥115,200 (ex-showroom), while the FZ-X is priced at ¥135,900 (ex-showroom).

E20 fuel is a mixture of 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline. It blends ethanol from sugar cane, broken rice and other grains into gasoline. Nitin Gadkari, a union minister who has been supporting the use of ethanol blends in India, said that since ethanol costs half the price of conventional fuel, it could significantly reduce petrol prices.

First published date: Feb 14, 2023 at 12:14pm CST


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