Maharashtra has the most public EV charging stations followed by Delhi


As electric vehicles take hold in the country, both the government and the private sector are working to bolster charging infrastructure. A good network of public charging stations can help ease EV ownership and reduce range anxiety for consumers. Maharashtra has become the state with the highest number of public charging stations in the country with 2,354, according to data released by the Energy Efficiency Agency.

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| Updated on: June 27, 2023 at 17:33

Electric vehicles are making new inroads in the global and Indian automotive sector.

The total number of such charging stations in the country is 8,735, with 84 charging station operators. Of the 84 operators, 27 are public sector enterprises (PSUs) and 57 are private companies. Delhi has the second highest number of public EV charging stations with 1,619.

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Karnataka ranks third with 736 such charging stations, followed by Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana with 465, 449 and 425 public EV charging stations respectively. The country’s largest state, Rajasthan, lags far behind in the number of public charging stations, with just 330 such stations.

The Union Territories with the lowest number of public charging stations are the Lakshad Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Pondicherry, with numbers ranging from one to four.

Delhi has emerged as the city with the most purchases of electric vehicles. It recently passed the milestone of registering 100,000 electric vehicles since the electric vehicle policy was launched in August 2020. As a result, the national capital has also become the electric vehicle capital of the country.

Currently, 13% of all cars bought in Delhi are electric vehicles. Among them, 128,000 electric vehicles are driving on the roads of the capital. The purpose of the city’s electric vehicle policy is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in various automotive segments, especially in mass categories such as two-wheelers, public and shared cars, and vans.

First published date: June 27, 2023, 17:33 PM (India Standard Time)

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