Maruti Suzuki aggressively pushes ahead with EV plans, to launch six models in FY2030-31


Maruti Suzuki on Wednesday confirmed that the company will launch as many as six electric vehicles (EVs) in the country by the 2030-31 financial year. Currently, the country’s largest automaker only offers vehicles with gasoline engines and optional compressed natural gas technology.

FILE PHOTO: Maruti Suzuki EVX concept electric car showcased at Auto Expo 2023.

The Indian electric vehicle space is almost entirely dominated by Tata Motors, but Maruti Suzuki seems determined to not only challenge that dominance, but potentially take a larger share of it. EVs such as the Wagon R have been spotted doing test runs on several occasions, and the EVx concept electric car shown at the 2023 Auto Expo is also doing test runs.

Maruti Suzuki has so far eschewed EVs while emphasizing compressed natural gas as a more viable technology. But the company never really closed the door on battery-powered models either, insisting that size and affordability are important. The country’s first Maruti Suzuki electric vehicle could land sometime in 2025.

First published date: Jul 5, 2023 at 12:31pm EST

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