Matchbox revives Gold State Coach toys for King’s coronation


Matchbox crowns Golden State coach

Matchbox has released a new limited edition die-cast model of the British Royal Family’s Gold State Coach.

Introduced to coincide with the coronation of King Charles III, the 1:64 scale model pays homage to the new monarch as well as Lesney’s original Gold State Coach figure.

This year, Matchbox celebrates its 70th anniversary. Seventy years ago, the success of the original Lesney Gold State Coach paved the way for the Matchbox toy brand.

Golden Age of Rebirth

Matchbox crowns Golden State coach

Lesney sold more than 1 million of the 11.8cm long coronation coaches produced to commemorate the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. The windfall allowed the company to invest in a new Matchbox brand. After three billion toy cars, the rest is history.

Although other scale versions of the Gold State Coach model have been created, Matchbox aims to produce their best and most detailed example yet for 2023.

Hundreds of photos of the royal carriages were taken and hours of film footage studied. The four-month design process included 3D scanning of the horse and rider sculpted from the original Lesney model. Modern 3D printing is used to produce prototype parts.

The Triton at the front now blows the horn, the roof has three cherubs representing England, Scotland and Ireland, and windows have been added. Metal statues of King Charles III and Queen can be seen in the red interior.

unique matchbox model

Matchbox crowns Golden State coach

The new model measures 23cm long and comes with a presentation box and a textured base – the latter designed to look like a shopping mall leading to Buckingham Palace.

“The year 2023 is not only a pivotal moment in British history, but also for Matchbox. Celebrating 70 years of rich design heritage, Matchbox has launched an exclusive Coronation coach, which develops the brand’s signature craftsmanship while , using innovation and cutting-edge technology to write an exciting new chapter in our history,” Mattel said.

“Building to order, we wanted this coach to be one of the most unique Matchbox vehicles ever made.”

Matchbox Gold State Coach £60, available via Mattel Creative website. You need to place your order between April 26th and May 18th, 2023.

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Matchbox revives Gold State Coach toy for King’s coronation

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