Matter launches Aera electric motorcycle in India, promises up to 150km range

Matter, a Gujarat-based EV startup, has finally launched its long-awaited electric motorcycle, the Aera, in India today. The Matter Aera Electric Bike is available in four trim options: 4000, 5000, 5000+ and 6000+. The price of the Aera 5000 is ¥143,999, while the price of 5000+ is ¥153,999. All models except the 6000+ have a range of up to 125 km. The company claims the Aera 6000+ has a range of up to 150 kilometers. Initially, Matter is launching with 5000 and 5000+ trims, while other trims will follow later.

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March 1, 2023 at 13:22 pm

The Matter Aera is a bare-bones machine with many top-notch features. The most interesting USP is that the Aera is India’s first electric motorcycle with a manual transmission, just like a conventional internal combustion engine powered motorcycle.

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On display at Auto Expo 2023, the Matter Aera is attracting a lot of attention with its striking design and advanced features like a 7.0-inch all-digital LCD with 4G connectivity. It runs an Android-based operating system. The instrument cluster allows riders to access features such as remote lock/unlock, geofencing, real-time location tracking, vehicle health monitoring and detailed ride statistics functions. Matter Aera is equipped with a proximity-based key fob and passive keyless entry system, allowing the rider to lock or unlock the vehicle simply by being in close proximity to the bike.

The manufacturer claims that the Aera has seven distinguishing features: a liquid-cooled motor, a manual transmission, a liquid-cooled battery pack, a three-pin 5-amp charger, a dual-dock chassis, and connectivity and smart technology. The bike features 07 lettering on the side panels, denoting zero-emission technology and the aforementioned seven elements.

This bike has a sharp and sculpted look. It features LED headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights. The side covers are designed to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the bike. Other design elements include a motor guard similar to the engine guard of a traditional ICE bike, a split seat, an LED taillight and a split armrest for rear seat riders. Front and rear disc brakes combined with single-channel ABS improve the riding safety of the bicycle.

First published date: March 1, 2023 at 13:22 PM CST

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